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Looking for the perfect online casino? Want to win the biggest prizes online? Looking to play the best selection of games and online slot machines? Well, all this and much, much more are available through our online casino guide to South African sites. The best you will find in 2019 and beyond, without a doubt.

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This guide is simply all about South African casinos. The services you can expect, the games you can play and the bonuses you can pick up for free gaming. We are going to discuss a number of factors including the legal side of things. We want to give you a clear insight into what’s going on in the market with sort explanations and facts. This won’t take long to read and from this point, you could find yourself playing online casino games for free in less than 10 minutes.

There is plenty to take onboard but know this, there is going to be some mouth-watering opportunities ahead and some mind-blowing experiences to be had, so get ready as we step into the world of online gambling South African style.

Your online casino South Africa

Jump back in time and two to three years ago, the most players could get excited about was the South African national lottery and some minor sports betting features. Whilst the rest of the world was accessing life-changing games carrying millions in prizes, players in South African didn’t have much choice.

In the past 24 months, plenty has changed. A huge influx of online casino companies are now pushing their services in the South African market after it became clear that the gambling laws permitted South African residents to gamble online without breaking any acts or rules.

We made this guide to help explain this and these facts. Because the market has literally exploded and hundreds of sites have become readily available, we want you to make the right choice and safe choice when picking your future online casino to join. Remember, the Internet is still a place where false websites exist and where fraudulent activity occurs, so we want you to be settled inside of a platform where you can play with peace of mind and know that your data and finances are secured by the best licensed online casinos in South Africa.

Why are these the most-trusted range of casino online platforms?

We compiled a top 10 list of South African online casinos over at There, you will find the leading operators that have opened their doors to South African players. So, why only 10 from the hundreds than are available?

In picking the best south African casino, there are a number of factors to consider. The casinos have been judged on legitimacy, service, gaming, banking and promotions. We picked the ten that will provide the best levels for all categories and each one will be unique in their presentation of them. Rather than give you 20 that are exactly the same, 40 which don’t quite make the grade and so on. These ten sites are the best available as it currently stands. Should a new operator come along and merit a place on the list, then it shall be updated.

Hallmarks for the best online casinos

When it comes to licensing, this is a very important factor, a site with no license is a risk and most likely acting illegally. The casinos in the top 10 hold licensed which have been approved by the National Gambling Board. The licenses have been submitted by Gambling authorities in other countries and this is what keeps you within the online gambling laws of South Africa.

Online gambling and betting are only permitted if players that participate do so through platforms which are registered overseas. Hence why there is such a huge influx of websites offering such a service. Now, despite the numbers, each of these casinos are legally approved by the NGB and because they are licensed, they are also regulated to provide its members a platform which is honest and fair in its service.

These two factors make all the difference and it leads to bigger and better things within the casino that you’ll experience.

Join the best paying online casino South Africa has and start playing for free

You now have access to the very best casinos online, so what can you expect. Well, inside of the top 10 online South African casinos list, you have reviews which clarify the details further. In short, what players will have is a list of 1000 strong games per casinos operator. These games include online slots and progressive jackpot machines. South African players will have, for the first time, live casino tables. Games like blackjack, poker, roulette and craps will be available, streamed live with a host/dealer to play against. There will also be a wider and bigger choice of sports games to bet on, which includes in-play features and cash out options.

Free South African casino games

The gaming aside, the online casino you pick will have the latest software in place that will support mobile gaming, protect your data through digital encryption with the latest SSL tools and 24/7 customer support.

One of the eye-catching prospects though is the fact you will have access to tons of free online casino bonuses. Each casino online listed in the top 10 holds and provides a welcome bonus, this bonus offer is a limited reward that provides players more ZAR money to play with and free spins that will help boost their chances of winning big.

The online casino bonuses are always optional, if you play with them, they will lower the risks and allow players to experience the casinos without making any actual losses, as it’s the casino’s money you’ll be playing with.

Check out the link to the top ten and see for yourself, just what the best online casino South African sites look like inside.